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Disability Benefits: Disability attorneys in Augusta, GA know how the SSD system works, as well as which applicants have the best chances of being awarded benefits. Call Wilkinson & Magruder, LLP at (706) 737-0771 for a free consultation.

Applying for ERISA Group Disability Benefits: If you want to pursue a claim for long term disability benefits contact an Augusta disability lawyer from Wilkinson & Magruder, LLP at (706) 737-0771

Long Term Disability: For more information on how to understand disability plans, contact disability lawyers in Augusta at Wilkinson & Magruder, LLP. Call (706) 737-0771

Two highly experienced Social Security disability lawyers have combined to better serve clients in the Augusta and Aiken areas of Georgia and South Carolina. Charles Wilkinson has practiced in this area since 1974, and Andrew Magruder has worked on Social Security disability cases since 2000.

We practice almost exclusively in Social Security disability law, and we handle all types of claims and at all different stages, including hearings and appeals.

Local Augusta disability attorneys provide personal service for Georgia and South Carolina clients

We care about our clients, and give them all the personal attention and care that they need to develop their case for the Social Security Administration.

Suffering a disability is bad enough, but then dealing with the Social Security disability claims process can feel overwhelming because the Social Security Administration can be faceless bureaucracy with confusing and complicated rules. We can help you present your best case to the Social Security Administration, and give you the support to handle the changes in your life.

Important keys to obtaining Social Security disability benefits

The application process for Social Security disability benefits can be frustrating because most claims are denied at the initial application level. The most important thing is to not give up, and to keep pursuing your claim.

Here are five important keys to eventually obtaining Social Security disability benefits:

1. The Social Security Administration must have all of your medical records.
The Social Security Administration will say that it will gather all of your medical records. However, it does not always do a complete job. One of the things that we will do for you is review the records and be sure that everything that you need is presented to the Social Security Administration.

2. Your doctors’ reports need to provide the necessary information.
Sometimes the Social Security Administration wants specific information, and your doctor may not know what is needed. We will work with your doctors to be sure that their reports answer all of the questions that the Social Security Administration will ask.

3. You need to provide thorough and accurate testimony.
It can be difficult sometimes to remember all that you have gone through, and to explain it accurately at a hearing. One way that helps to keep track of the details is to keep a symptoms diary where you record your condition from day to day.

4. You need to tell the truth.
Your credibility is critical at a Social Security hearing. There are two risks in describing your condition and your problems. One is to understate your problems because you do not want to admit the full extent of your disability; the other is to exaggerate your problems out of fear you will not be taken seriously. We will prepare you so your can honestly and candidly testify regarding your limitations.

5. You need to be patient.
Dealing with the Social Security disability system can be very frustrating and slow. However, you will have an opportunity to present you claim at a hearing before a judge. Do not give up.

Let us help with your Georgia or South Carolina Social Security disability claim

Not all lawyers are created equal. Let us put our years of experience with Social Security disability claims work for you. The help from experienced Augusta disability attorneys will increase your chance of success and provide you with peace of mind because you know an experience advocate is helping you.

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