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Rogers & Rogers, Esq

Rogers & Rogers, Esq

Bronx Last Will and Testament Lawyers: When a loved one passes away, it is important that you know the proper steps to take to ensure a smooth transition for all. For all your estate needs, call Rogers & Rogers, Esq., at (718)994-1640.

Our Bronx Eviction Attorney on Eviction Cases: Eviction procedures are precise and will not move forward unless technically perfect. Get the expertise you need; call Rogers & Rogers, Esq. at (718) 994-1640.The consultation is free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our Bronx Real Estate Law Firm Discusses Real Estate: The purchase or sale of real estate is a process, typically with many unexpected turns along the way. Be prepared for whatever arises. Have experience and knowledge on your side. Call Rogers & Rogers, Esq., at (718) 994-1640.

Our Bronx Probate Attorney on Probate and Administration of Estates: It is in everyone’s best interests to expeditiously settle an estate with a minimum of controversy. For experienced counsel, call a Bronx probate attorney from Rogers & Rogers, Esq., at (718) 994-1640. Please, check the success stories on this website.

We focus on landlord/tenant eviction, probate & estate planning, last wills & testaments, and helping clients facilitate the purchase or sale of a condo, house, or coop.

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