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No, Mark S. Zuckerberg did not invent Facebook. Instead, he is the Indiana bankruptcy attorney who has been helping people solve their debt problems for over 34 years. Mr. Zuckerberg knows that declaring bankruptcy is a painful decision. Because of the emotions involved, he possesses the empathy and a willingness to take the time to ask to probe (sometimes difficult) questions as to what led to your situation and what is the best legal option for you.

Mark Zuckerberg has also made a name for himself both locally and nationally as a legal authority on consumer bankruptcy issues. He has appeared in the New York Times and National Public Radio on several occasions. Mark has appeared on the NBC Evening News, Business Week, and People Magazine. He is also called upon frequently to lecture on the topic of bankruptcy both at a local and national level. Below are some of the organizations that Mark has presented before. For more information contact us at

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