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When the Law Offices of Lewis & Associates, PC began operating in 1996, the Firm practiced immigration law exclusively and was composed only of myself, a handful of supporting personnel, and a nascent vision to become one of the premiere immigration law firms in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Today, well over a decade later, the Firm has a proven track record of assisting thousands of immigrants in obtaining permanent status here in the United States.  In addition to helping with lawful entry into the United States, the Firm has garnered an exceptional reputation for its success in handling asylum and withholding of removal applications, E2 and H1-B visas, deportation defense proceedings, and mandamus lawsuits for stalled naturalization, as well as a number of other immigration related matters.

As the Firm’s clients grew in number over the years, so did their legal needs.  In order to meet these needs, the Firm now employs native and fluent speakers of Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Nepali, Korean, and Vietnamese.

White Collar Crime Cases
Recently the Firm has developed a well deserved reputation in the defense of professionals in the banking, Mortgage, and financial industry.  We have been defending cases dealing with bank fraud, mortgage fraud, wire fraud, RICO, consiracy, structring, conterfeit goods, and mail fraud.  Due to our success in this area, we have been advise not just clients, but are a resource for attorneys and in-house counsels.

Additionally, The Law Offices of Lewis & Associates, P.C began to provide legal services in several other areas of practice besides immigration law, including:

We are committed to providing excellent legal services to all of our clients, no matter what legal problem or issue they may be facing.  As a result, the Firm is composed of careful, committed, highly-trained attorneys and several supporting professionals who have each excelled in their respective specialties.

The Attorneys

Fitzgerald Lewis (Chairman and Founder)
Alfredo Acin (Associate Attorney)

Our address

6066 Leesburg Pike Fourth Floor Falls Church, VA 22041-2234
38.8485316, -77.1398878

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