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If you are currently involved in a California family law case, or if you are considering starting one or responding to one that has been filed, you should know that the process of managing such a case is a complex, difficult undertaking in which you will need competent and caring legal advice and, quite possibly, representation. The Law Offices of Ernest A. Cardona we have been handling family law cases in Santa Clara County since 1995 and we know how best to guide you through the system.

This is an emotional time for you and we understand that. Our job is to advise you and assist you in doing things right the first time and in trying to help you resolve your issues as speedily and as fairly as possible. Regardless of how much experience any attorney or law firm has, it is your personal relationship with your attorney that is most important. Since all your communications with your attorney are privileged and confidential, you can be honest about your goals and work with your attorney toward achieving them. Knowing you can trust your attorney to protect your privacy and your personal interests is extremely important, so we strive very hard to forge a close attorney-client relationship with everyone who trusts us to work with them.

San Jose and the Silicon Valley/South Bay area have become increasingly diverse the past 40 years and we handle cases for many different kinds of clients. We don’t take cases just for men or women or only those who have a lot of money because, quite frankly, everybody deserves to have a good attorney at their side regardless of their background. We honestly, aggressively, and compassionately represent all of our clients, no matter how great or how small their financial resources. In other words, you can count on us to stand by you and to provide excellent legal services throughout the time we are involved in your case.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular situation. Your inquiries and any communications we have, whether over the phone or in person, will be kept in the strictest confidence.

To find out more about attorney Ernest A. Cardona, you can see his profile here. For our staff members, you can learn about them by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you and to giving you advice that will help you make a decision as to whether or not you need an attorney to represent you or help you represent yourself.

Our goal is to work toward a fair resolution of your concerns, with a very responsive, compassionate and competent approach to the process, whether in court or negotiated outside court. We are as aggressive as necessary but we have a firm commitment not to over-litigate our clients’ cases and do as much as possible to seek an early, equitable conclusion in all matters.

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