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If you lose your job because of discrimination or are subjected to harassment of any sort in the workplace, your entire life can be devastated. Our jobs define us in many ways, providing the security of self-sufficiency and the ability to take care of our families. We gain a sense of self-worth from our employment. When you are discriminated against or harassed on account of your sex, gender, race, age, disability or national origin, this can not only destroy you financially and emotionally, but can devalue you as a human being. Your dignity is not negotiable and you must fight all forms of discrimination and harassment in the workplace

The Law Offices of Boniface K. Cobbina, P.C., is committed to protecting and advancing the rights of employees under federal, state and local laws with reason, passion and results. Whether you work for a private company, the government or a nonprofit organization, we will diligently and zealously defend, protect and advance your rights. We understand the impact that losing your job or dealing with retaliation or harassment can have on you, both in the workplace and as part of your life outside of work.

We are passionate about defending, protecting and advancing the rights of our clients. We consider you and your cause to be the central focus of your case. We know how important what you do for a living is to you. We listen to your story and walk in your shoes to discover where you suffered injustice, and then we will work aggressively to see that it is corrected. We never shy away from a tough case and are always willing to go to court, if that’s what it takes.

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