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We are a small law office located in downtown Fairfield serving clients from Fairfield, Bridgeport and the entire state of Connecticut who are experiencing financial difficulties. We have been at the same location in Fairfield since 1999. Our office is dedicated to assisting those individuals and small businesses that find themselves unable to pay their bills or otherwise meet their financial obligations. We focus our practice in the areas of bankruptcy,debt relief and commercial litigation.

Why bankruptcy and debt relief?

We have been asked why we focus our practice on bankruptcy and debt relief. The simple answer is that many people will experience financial difficulties at some point in their lives. The effect that these difficulties can have on a person’s life cannot be ignored. When you cannot pay your bills, when you have creditors calling and harassing you, it is all but impossible to move forward with your life. The constant thought of debt and the inability to move forward often manifests itself in many ways, such as relationship issues or work issues. These problems can be debilitating if not addressed in a timely manner.

At the Law Office of Michael A. D’Onofrio we have found that we are able to address and solve many of our client’s problems by assisting them with their financial problems. For a relatively low cost, we have found that many of our client’s problems can be resolved and they can move forward with their life. There are not many other areas of law practice where that same positive affect can be made on one’s life in such a short period of time. We have seen our clients go on to financial stability and success after bankruptcy. Many have gone on to purchase a home after a bankruptcy filing. We derive a great deal of satisfaction from assisting our clients and knowing that we were at least a small part of their success.

What we do

You may have read the disclaimer “We are a debt relief agency. We assist people in filing for relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.” Under Federal law, we are required to provide that notice. However, that notice does not completely explain what we do. We also advise clients when it is not appropriate to file for bankruptcy. After a thorough evaluation of each case we can determine what the best course of action may be for a particular client, which may or may not include bankruptcy filing. Because each case is different, we offer a free initial consultation to make an evaluation whether bankruptcy is right for you. Call the Law Office of Michael A. D’Onofrio at 1-877-398-1244 to schedule your free consultation.

 What makes us different?

At this point you have probably looked on several attorney’s websites and have read a lot about how the bankruptcy process works. Most sites are similar in that the information about the process is the same. Most attorneys will do a competent and effective job of assisting you with your bankruptcy. It is important that you feel comfortable with the attorney that you hire and that he or she is available to answer your questions and provide you with the most accurate information for you to make a decision about whether and when to file. At the Law Office of Michael D’Onofrio we offer a free, no obligation initial consultation where we will answer all of your questions and leave you in a better position to decide what your next course of action is. Call 1-877–398-1244 today to schedule your consultation.

Not every law office operates the same way. Some firms employ a team approach whereby you will meet with an intake person, not an attorney, to evaluate your case. You may then spend a short amount of time with an attorney to review your petition. Often, you will meet with an associate attorney, for the first time, at the first meeting of creditors. This approach may work for some, but often clients are left with a feeling of uncertainty. At the Law Office of Michael D’Onofrio, you will always deal directly with the same attorney, from the first intake through the end of your case. All of your questions will be answered by the same attorney and you will never have to be concerned about who is handling your case. Further, because we employ a streamlined approach, whereby one attorney handles your entire case, we have found that our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Direct, personal communication with an attorney;
  • All questions answered promptly;
  • Reasonable fees;
  • Post-Bankruptcy assistance rebuilding your credit.

Legal fees

Due to our streamlined approach, we are able to offer bankruptcy services for as low as $900* for a Chapter 7, single filer with less than 20 creditors. We offer competitive rates for all other types of filings. Please call 1-877-398-1244 for more information about our rates.

*Court filing fees and credit counseling fees are not included.

Our address

2 Sherman Court Fairfield, CT 06824
41.1399824, -73.25889410000002

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