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There are many excellent DUI attorneys in northern California but few practice in the rural counties. Thanks to my pilot’s license and V-Tail Bonanza, I can fly to you, wherever you are located in northern or central California. I have represented clients in practically every county in California. I charge no additional travel costs for these visits should we decide to work together on your DUI / DWI defense.

I am one of the most frequently quoted and called-upon DUI defense attorneys in the area. Law enforcement officials know my reputation for having evidence suppressed and for aggressively examining police officers in court. Judges know that I am effective, persuasive and prepared when I step into the courtroom. If you want to know who the good lawyers are, ask the court staff (bailiffs and clerks).

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1701 N. California Boulevard, No. 8 Walnut Creek, CA 94596
37.902767, -122.06510359999999

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