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If you are reading this there is a good chance you or a loved one is facing something you never expected.  Your freedom, reputation, and life as you know it is in jeopardy.  You are scared and not sure where to turn.  My name is Brent Horst and I am a criminal defense lawyer.  Someone once said that a trial is legal combat.  I agree. However, I would add that a criminal trial is legal combat to the death.  In no other area of the law are the stakes so high.  It is therefore my goal to remember that with each and every one of my clients their case is not just another case – it is something that will affect the rest of their life and the most important thing in their life at the moment.   For that reason I handle every important aspect of your case.  You will have my cell phone number and my direct email.  I am often available evenings and weekends to advise and assist you.  For when the State goes after one of my clients it is not just my clients fight it is my fight.

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