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Unlike the large firms, we offer individual and personal attention to your case needs. Our approach is integrated and systemized blended with specialized knowledge of the particular law of your case. Litigation is stressful. Our goal is to minimize the stress of litigation to you.

We are also unlike the big, depersonalized firm that have to “bill and bill and bill” in order to create more billable hours and more money to the partners. Our constant thought process goes into your case, which means we actually spend a great deal of time thinking about your case and developing a litigation approach and strategy specifically designed to posture your case to the defense in the most positive light. Each of our cases is scrupuously analyzed by a Palmdale employment lawyer with both settlement and trial in mind.

We are not a training firm for new associates like many large firms. Many firms assign their cases to a new associate. We do not. We don’t have new associates to “muck” up your case, drive up expenses with unnecessary billable hours and prolong the litigation process.

We are persistent and bulldog fashion in advocating for our clients’ cases. We do not pick fights with the opposing counsel, but we do not shy away from fights when our clients’ interests are involved. High ethical requirements are the hallmark of our firm.

We try cases. But, a Palmdale employment lawyer knows that not all cases and not all clients are suited for trials. Therefore, we settle cases when we feel it is in the best interest of our clients, even though a client may not really understand why we may push for settlement.

Our settlement posture includes, but is not limited to, the type of witness the client would make, an evaluation of the individual client’s sensibilities to hard fighting, the client’s ability to bring to the table knowledge of her particular case, the client’s financial stability and many other divergent factors. A Palmdale employment lawyer at our firm knows that many times the client has no clue of why we are taking a particular position. We are counselors and explain to the client why we are doing what and why what we are doing is necessary. We honestly and brutally analyze our cases and tell our clients the truth about their cases.

We get to case resolution as soon as the case permits.

We care about our clients and are willing and committed to working with each client to obtain the best possible outcome and to decrease the level of stress that litigation inherently involves.

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