What To Do After An Orange County Car Accident

Five Important Things to Do after You Are Injured In An Orange County Car Accident

The following five actions will be useful to you and your case:

1) Find an experienced orange county car accident attorney.

Consult with an experienced orange county car accident attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will provide a wealth of advice specific to your case, but be sure in the mean time not to speak to an insurance claims adjuster. An adjuster wants to settle your case before you seek legal representation and learn the potential value of your case.

2) Take care of yourself. It is your duty to try to recover from your injury.

Be sure to follow the recommendations of all of your doctors (including physical therapists) and keep all appointments. It is especially important to listen to your what your doctors recommend regarding any limitations on work and leisure activities.

3) Take photos.

Photograph your injuries and continue taking photos as you heal. Take photographs of the car accident scene. Take photos of everything that could possibly document what occurred. Shoot good quality photos so they can be enlarged if need be. Quality photos are especially important if your case goes to trial.

4) Keep a journal.

It is very easy to forget the details of an accident and the on-going things that occur in your life thereafter relating to the accident. Write down what happened in as much detail as possible, as soon as possible, and keep writing in your journal throughout the case. Be sure to write down all persons who could be potential witnesses and their contact information.

5) Keep receipts of your expenses.

Keep all your receipts for anything you purchase or expenses you incur in relation to your auto accident and the resulting injury. You are more likely to recover expenses that are documented.

Have you been in a car accident in orange county? Consult an orange county car accident attorney for a free consultation regarding your injury incident.